Individual x hospitality = nights stay

Individual doing things that only hotels were able to do, such as hotels, un visions wait for you with the best "hospitality". We operate a large number of private housing facilities specialized in Osaka. We prepare the best facilities so that your memories of your trip will be the best.


Trial free period during the campaign!
Operation agency service, cleaning service, equipment delivery service, first month is available for free.
(The cost is free for one month, while operating the owner's request to get closer to the ideal of owners.)

Operation Agency Service

■ Contact and reservation Management from guest
The responsible operator will respond 24 hours a day. Supported languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish

■ Proper pricing
We constantly research the market situation and the neighboring accommodation situation, and offer the management of "you can win" accommodation.

■ Emergency trouble response
The staff in Osaka city is resident.
In cooperation with the operator, quick response is possible.

■ Guest personal information collection
We have built our own management system.
The guest uploads the data and stores it on our server.

Cleaning Service

We focus on finishing quality and finishing time.
Are you suffering from miscellaneous quality in an early time? Please try our quality.

Cleaning Place Content
The room Change of bed sheets and pillow covers, floor cleaning, cleaning of furniture such as sofas and TV boards, etc
Kitchen Kitchen sink, dishwasher, table, cookware, microwave, grill cleaning, floor cleaning, etc.
Washroom Glass cleaning, sink cleaning, drain cleaning, floor cleaning, etc.
Bath Glass cleaning, wall, bathtub, drainage cleaning, amenity, towel, bath mat exchange, etc.
Toilet Cleaning the toilet bowl and seat, floor cleaning, etc.
Garbage Disposal Exchange of trash and garbage bags, taking out trash to the designated waste dump
Lost item collection Collect and keep customers' lost items

Although many hosts tend to be easy to think about, we have a particular focus on cleaning.
60-70% of the complaints from the guests are "cleanliness", especially "hair" and "smell". And because it is a part that greatly affects the review, we will do it with great care.

Equipment regular flight service

Consumables, consumables such as additional detergents, if purchased at a nearby convenience store each time, will be a waste of expenses if stacked.
The volume of expendables required for each room is disparate, so we will collect data on the frequency of use and deliver the required amount to the room on a regular monthly basis.
Owners can also know how much expendable items are needed each month and prevent excessive expenses from being expelled.

* The unit price is lower than the convenience store unit price. (Supported products) Laundry detergent, shampoo, rinse, body soap, toilet paper, box tissue, kitchen detergent, bath detergent, toilet detergent, various sponges, rags, batteries, cell phones, etc. We will prepare separately.


Cleaning fee

Supported area: Osaka City
More than 4 LDK: more than 60㎡ on request

Equipment regular service fee

One time delivery cost 2,160yen Equipment costs separately
* Each desired item price is set to a cheaper price than the price of the convenience store, and will be delivered in a large pack instead of a divided pack.

Set charge plan

Operation Agency 15% of sales minus cleaning fee
Operation Agency, Cleaning 14% of sales minus cleaning fee
Operation Agency, Cleaning and equipment regular flights 13% of sales minus cleaning fee

Ambitions Night Vision

In June 2018, the Housing Accommodation Business Law came into force, and the dark nights retreated one after another.
In the Kansai region, large events such as the World Expo are being held, and each owner is "from now on!", But some facilities have been withdrawn despite the acquisition of special wards.
There are various causes for withdrawals, such as the rapid increase of hotels, accommodation facilities in major areas, the opening of large private accommodation facilities with major capital investment, and the concentration of inquiries to well-accessible facilities.
It is no longer an era when bookings will be made if you put in beds and futons like several years ago, and guests are looking for facilities with more "features" and differentiation is urgently needed.
"Suitable selling price" "Improvement of layout" "Review of expense amount"
We believe it is necessary to face these three points at an early stage.
What foreign guests want to come to travel to Japan now, if the "focus" with what the host thinks is out of place, will affect the reservation in real time.
It is fortunate if the owners who are now operating well, please let us know in order to be aware of the situation.

To customersBest stay in Japan

That is our wish.



The joint venture company unvision is a company specializing in the private housing business which is the area of inbound × sharing economy.
As a market leader we will realize Japan's tourism nation.


We are a company established in December 2018 as an inbound specialized national accommodation company. As a player who plays tourism nation Japan, it is growing rapidly.

Company name

Ambitions LLC


Housing accommodation management business Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (01) No. F-01618


Atsushi Hasegawa

phone number





December 2018

number of employees

15 people (including part-timers)

Business contents

Housing lodging business, National strategy special area Foreign residence facility management business, real estate management business




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